Following 'Morcenx' Danton Jay teamed up with Heather Lynn to write and record their first album. Heather is an incredible talent with a diverse background for climate action engagement. Their new album “Decades After Paris” focuses on Danton's more upbeat and funky writing styles.


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Danton Jay is a singer, songwriter, and sustainability advocate from Victoria, BC. With Belgian descent and roots on Canada’s West Coast, Jay is influenced by European lifestyles and cultural movements. Fully bilingual, he lays out refined tracks with flavours of rock, jazz, blues, and R&B.

The environmental theme stems from Jay’s time at the University of Victoria where he researched sustainable development initiatives.

In 2011 Jay set off travelling throughout Eastern and Central Europe seeking creative inspiration from the environmental challenges he would encounter with the intention to express his research in song lyrics. After months of vagabonding, he cooped up in Southern France to relentlessly write his songs.

In the spring of 2013 Danton Jay released ‘Morcenx’ recorded with Grammy and Juno winning producer Joby Baker—the album illustrates Jay’s rock and jazz background as he is highly influenced by artists like Chet Baker, and The Philosopher Kings; however, his smooth vocals and moody guitar give him a distinct European flair. Hearing Danton Jay will make you think, and it will make you move.

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The story of our time with a changing climate set to groovy tunes. The subject Matter is resonant, and so is the music.

The Road

I realize that I’m growing older
Starting to feel what is right
We’re hurting our home
We’re hurting ourselves...

Race to Nowhere

This place has sold its culture
Without proper infrastructure
The people here do not care
About their health or forfeiture...


You feel it creepin’ in
In amplitude and sin
Though you can’t quite catch the spin
It’s something we all know...

Smoke Ring Halo

Smoke ring halo
Why you clouding my purity
Smoke ring halo
Why you clouding my purity...

Greatest Place

It started down in Sagasa Sea
The greatest adventure there would ever be
Every nation put their hope in me
To find the new home of humanity...

No Picture

I’ve seen your face, and your embrace
It feels as though I kinda know you
You’re somewhat strange, but it’s in my range
And all the things that I don’t know yet...

This Song to Sing

I wish I’d never said those things
I wish I could have lied
Instead I told you how I feel
That you reach me deep inside...

The Drive

Always look a little paler
I always look a little worse
After the second cigarette
But you’d never tell me...

Pull Again

And now deep in this
I feel her pull again
Summoned by her song
And numbed by her solace...

Heading Home

It’s been such a long road
Since I last felt the islands
I’ve left tracks both good and bad
On the places I have been...




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